December 7, 2020

? YL series single phase dual-capacitor asynchronous motors are created and generated in accordance with state specifications, and also have out-standing development of starting and operation, are of reduced noise, compact imensions,light weight,effortless servicing, and so forth.
? These motors is often broadly used in air compressors,pumps,followers,refrigeration,health-related instruments as well as tiny machines,
and so on. in particular for event wherever only single
? phase electrical power is available.
Protection kind: IP44 Insulation class: B
Rated voltage: 220V Cooling type: IC0141
Duty variety: constant running Rated frequency: 50Hz

YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are appropriate for driving smaller machines and water pumps,especially for relatives or workshops the place only single-phase electrical supply are available. Conforming to”IEC”designed with state-of-the-art techniques and made from finest supplies, the motors have pleasant visual appeal and great functionality.
YC series motors are of IP44, totally enclosed and fan-cooled. Motor of rated output of 3HP and beneath are capacitor-started, when working beneath rated voltage, under 50Hz,includes a starting torque as substantial as 3times the rated tone and under 60Hz,the torque may be 2.75 occasions the rated a single. Motors of 4HP and over are of capacitor start and run. They have the advantages of substantial torque,regular running, reduced the mal rise, decrease noise and greater overload performan.